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Roof Flashing Repair

The main objective of flashing is to seal the joints in your roofing system so that rainwater could not enter your property. To prevent leaks in the long run, our licensed roofers at Top Roof Repair use superior quality material for the caulking of flashing.

Flashing is performed on a roof around the intersections or termination points like adjoining walls, chimneys, vent pipes, dormers and valleys. We excel in roof flashing repair in Toronto and deal with any problem related to your roof to make it free from leaks.

Signs Pointing Towards Flashing Repair

Usually, the roof flashing is made of metal because it tends to be sturdier than tiles or shingles. Damaged flashing can consequently weaken the areas of your roof.It can result in roof leaks that can damage everything right from the ceilings to walls and insulation to roofing. Some major signs include:
Roof Flashing Repair

  • Small holes
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Missing pieces
  • Cracks, bends or dents
  • Mold growth
  • Staining on fascia
  • Worn out or damaged siding or shingles
  • Internal leaks

How We Can Help You?

At Top Roof Repair, we can repair or replace the damaged flashing parts. We never take action for repair without inspecting the condition of your roof. You can leave the job on our professionals as we ensure to provide you with a durable and effective solution as we:

  • Have years of experience in the roofing industry
  • Are well-versed with various types of roofing material
  • Have a team of licensed and insured roofers
  • Offer a cost-effective and long-run solution

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